The Author

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye, and gives it a wink.” – Unknown

In 2016, PrincessFray found Star Citizen, and thus discovered the first universe in a decade captivating enough to make her write stories set in it. Much longer ago, a little PrincessFray dreamed of going to space with her friends. The Damn Shames are her way of achieving that childhood dream.

Fray is known by other names elsewhere on the internet, but in Star Citizen she takes her character’s name for herself. As Regent of the Damn Shames, she gets to sit back in the captain’s chair and pen her stories while the rest of the crew slaves away – unless she feels like pitching in, of course. She’s always creating, organizing, and developing concepts, and always has too many projects going with DamnShame, Half_Pint, Hnerskers, and the rest of the gang.

In another lifetime, Fray was a punk kid running a writing-themed e-zine in 2002 and participating in online survivor writing contests; these days, she’s a punk pseudo-adult with an office job and a studio of her own. Her husband, friends, and job keep her tied to the misty Pacific Northwest of the U.S., and her insatiable love of stringing words together keeps her writing a little bit of everything, every day.

Thanks to Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games for kindly allowing everyone to play in their sandbox.