Name: Kinnon “Kin” Hanford

Callsign: Kin

Rank/Role: Starfield Admiral/Sweep of the Damn Shames

Age: 36

Gender identity: Male

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 223lb

Kin is the voice of reason and the conscience of the gang. He’s a pirate solely because it offers the fastest, most efficient means to a significant income. Kin has a son, Kile, with a woman he was involved with for some time and hoped to marry, but who had other plans and won the right to keep Kile with her on their home planet of Virga so long as Kin was starbound. His goal is earn enough with the Damn Shames to retire from piracy and return to Virga to raise Kile himself. For now, it’s Kin’s job to ensure everyone on a mission makes it back, and he remains behind at the scene of crimes to ensure nastier Shames’ violence is contained–which salves his conscience and prevents needless slaughter.

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