Name: Amaranto “Amar” Lira

Callsign: Ox

Rank/Role: Patched member of the Damn Shames

Age: 27

Gender identity: Male

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 207lb

Ox is the tinkerer of the Damn Shames. Part of a ship modding community on his home planet, Ox brings his knowledge of obscure and tricky parts to his job as the Shames’ cabin boy. He’s optimistic, loud-mouthed, and goofy. He describes himself as “big fists, big heart,” and his friendships with most of the Shames are easy. He’s clever with his hands and loves to play recreational sports in his free time, something he tries to coax his fellow Shames into doing (often without success). Ox and Fray share a love of Big Bennys.

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