Name: Rahab

Callsign: {TBA}

Rank/Role: Master-At-Arms of the Damn Shames

Age: 26

Gender identity: Female

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 130lb

Rahab is the gunner and the master-at-arms of the Damn Shames. Her moral compass doesn’t exactly point due north; she’s quick to press her own advantage in any situation. She was taken in at a young age by a group of salvagers who took whatever jobs they could get. She learned to fly, shoot, fix an engine with spare scraps of steel and a swift kick–and most of all, to take care of herself, because if she didn’t, no one would. She wears shiner under her eyes to prevent glare in the turret. Rahab appreciates a luxurious bubble bath when she can get it.

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