Name: Peripheral “Riph” Damage (real name forgotten)

Callsign: Riph

Rank/Role: Proxregent of the Damn Shames

Age: 44

Gender identity: Male

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 190lb

As Proxregent of the Shames, it’s Riph’s job to keep Fray’s plans and temper in check, something he does better than anyone else who’s attempted the same. Riph is competent, confident, charming, and a little grubby. His foster parents called him “peripheral damage” when they spoke of his parents’ accident in front of him, so he chose to reclaim the name as the shortened Riph. In addition to being a sharpshooter, he’s the most spiritual of the Shames, and his congenial nature and optimistic hippie’s views on life make him the perfect morale captain.

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